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Eczema is a skin infection that often appears as blisters that will become itchy rashes. It can also evolve into a chronic condition that may trigger other forms of sicknesses such as asthma or hay fever. Anyone can acquire eczema, but it is mostly contracted by babies and children.

Sometimes, people who acquire this skin disorder often have a history of allergies in the family. There are also numerous types of eczema today that often varies on how big the affected area is and where it is usually located. But its most common form is called atopic dermatitis which can infect various parts of the body.

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There is no exact source for contracting eczema, but doctors and experts often point out that dry and irritated skin coupled with a malfunction in the immune system is the source for getting infected. People with eczema often show signs of having red or brownish-gray patches that can be itchy at night.

Some often develop small bumps or blisters that may become a wound if scratched often. Since the skin is often the target of this disorder, the skin can also turn raw and sensitive to touch. Some people often point out that stress can also induce eczema but this is not proven by experts.

Since anyone can have this skin problem no matter what age a person is, various treatments and prevention tips have been listed by doctors for patients to try out to prevent having eczema. The first way to prevent eczema is by reducing mind-related disorders such as stress, depression, anxiety and nervousness.

Although it may seem to have no relation into causing eczema, stress can turn into paranoia to find a probable cure for the skin problem. Meditating and other forms of mind therapy may help in reducing stress and the pain coming from the affected area.

Avoiding certain kinds of foods such as eggs, fish, peanuts and even soy are said to help people in reducing eczema induced flares and prevent having the skin problem, but this varies per person depending on their allergies or in their diets.

People suffering from eczema should first ask their doctor if eating these kinds of foods can reduce having eczema flares and determine how severe and long the person has this illness. For children, some say that if a baby is breast-fed for four months will most likely not get eczema. Although there are only a few studies that made this claim, this is partly supported with studies showing that if nursing mothers avoid drinking cow’s milk and adding it in their diet, their children will have lesser chances in acquiring it.

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Taking probiotics are also suggested in preventing eczema. For pregnant women who take probiotics during their pregnancy, it is likely that their children will be immune to the skin disorder. Applying creams with omega fatty acids are also suggested.

Some preliminary studies suggest that with the use of these creams, it can reduce the severe effects of the eczema and even prevent eczema permanently. Moisturizing can also help as it creates a seal to prevent water from escaping the skin. It is often best to use thick moisturizers or if not, applying baby oil can suffice. Oil is long lasting as well and can even prevent water evaporation from the skin.

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Last and definitely not the least in terms of preventing eczema is a change in bathing rituals. For those who are really prone to eczema, they should try to prevent from taking a bath for a day or two. If they cannot help it, bathing time should only take at least 15 to 20 minutes and only use warm water as it prevents scalding.

Using mild soaps is also a must as there is some soap that dries the skin a lot like deodorant and antibacterial soaps. Only use soap in the face, underarms, genital areas, hands and feet while using clear water to clean everything else.

Then, after taking a bath, dry carefully and gently. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel and avoid rubbing the towel over the skin roughly. There are more ways to prevent and beat the dangers of eczema. It is always better to prevent it than have it as it can be a very painful experience and leave scars all around the body.

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