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With al the internet products out there, trying to make a buck online can become overwhelming at times. We are constantly moved from pillar to post in the ever bombardment of “the new thing” that we must have.With App Dev Secrets or sometimes known by Apple Dev Secrets we have a product that promises to help us build an App, register it and then market it to a hungry market, of course as long as your initial idea is good.

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Most of us entering this market are not developers or programmers so App Dev Secrets offers the novice a great chance to develop there own App in super fast time.

In the first weeks training you concentrate on creating your first application using the Cocos2d toolkit.

In week 2 he introduces you to more advanced development tools including Xcode and iWebKit and also go more indepth into the  Cocos2d toolkit. This course is very well organised and you can go at your won pace.

In week 3 they go though important elements of the 2D and 3D editing software for gaming  and app development focusing on what you need to build your first App. This is a exciting week as at the end of it you will have built your very first App ready to rock and roll.

In week 4 they go through how to market your ready made App and all the details of how to register witht eh App store and how the process works. They also go though the possible pitfalls you need to avoid so you get your App Approved and don’t get stuck in red tape. This week also covers recend trends and what genres are popular and which ones to aim at giving your App more potential to hit a hungry market

There is a great bonus with App Dev Secrets which is where they interview Top iphone developers and successful app creating experts so you can benefit from there invaluable knowledge. You will find this really helpful with all the secrets they are giving you and used correctly this could be very beneficial to you bottom pocket

On conclusion to App Dev Secrets personally i think its one of the best products out there for developing your first APP. The course is easy to follow and goes pretty in-depth into everything you need to know to be successful in the APP market. If you have a great idea for an App with this course your half way there.

There probably has never been a better time to get involved and this is a growing market and with mobile devices nearly sharing 50% of all internet usage it might be the best investment you’ve made for a while.

App Dev Secrets Review Product

iPhone Application Developers

Making an iPhone app is not a demanding process. In fact, there are often news stories of young kids who have created great iPhone apps. While programming knowledge is a plus, one does not have to be a programmer to develop a successful application. In order to create an application from start to finish you will need to come up with an idea, create a development plan and then submit the app to Apple for approval.

The first step in app development is coming up with a good application! There are many different routes one can take on this path as there are many different types of applications available. The best method is to find an unfulfilled or poorly fulfilled need and fulfill it well! This can be creating a time wasting but addictive game or offering help with math homework for college students. Whatever the need is you will need to think of a way to fulfill it quickly and accurately.

Once you have your idea you will need to sign up to register as an Apple Developer. This registration will give you access to a lot of developer tools and tips. If you are programming your own application you will need to get a Mac computer as all the Mac development tools are exclusive to Mac computers. If you decide to outsource the programming you can use a contractor website such as Odesk.

After the application has been programmed you will want to test the application. The programmers should be testing the application while they create it, but it is always good to have fresh eyes to look at the application. You can use an iPhone simulator for this phase.

After the testing of the application has been completed you can submit it to the Apple store. There is a one time fee associated with this submission. Once the application is approved you should follow up and continue to test or check for errors or bugs. Listen to your customers, provide great service and let the money roll in!

A video overview starts the App Dev Secrets Course, covering the app and game development market and what kind of potential the business has.

The timetable covers four weeks and in a step-by-step way builds up your knowledge – from market research to finding a niche market and finally planning the product.

As a newbie I found the course clearly laid out and easy to follow – everything is explained in a very simple fashion.

The video tutorial allowed me to simply copy all the stages of creating an app, and I quickly learned how to code using Xcode.

Going on to create my own app was more difficult, but again everything is explained (even if you need to watch the videos several times, which I did). There are videos on each different aspect of game creation – graphics, audio etc.

Then comes the section on marketing the new app and getting it published.

This is an amazing course and really does take you through everything you need to know. You do need to spend time studying and working through the course,but you will be surprised how much you can learn.

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