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While others may have had more experience in the field of interest that I was looking for. I had no experience what so ever. I knew that if I wanted to get a chance at all I had to get an edge over my competition.

So I searched online for tips and ideas on exactly how to do that… and one answer kept coming up over and over again.

Product Name: Amazing Resume Creator-amazresume
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Trial period:60 Days

amazing resume creator

I’ve personally bought and used the software myself when searching for a job. I’ll tell you everything about the experience and whether or not it has worked for me. So please take a moment and read my story before you decide to purchase the program.

Write a Compelling Resume

The resume was the first thing that passed through a hiring managers hands. And it only takes 3.5 seconds for a resume to be considered or tossed into the big pile of other rejected resumes.

So I knew that I had to write a compelling resume that would force a hiring manager to call me. A quick search online rendered hundreds of free resume examples. Unfortunately, a majority of those resumes are boring standard resumes that are used by everyone else. Which would only result in my resume blending in with the rest of the pack.

After a few more hours of searching online I came across Jimmy Sweeney’s website Amazing Resume Creator. It wasn’t the standard website of resumes. Instead what I found was a website that offered a resume creator that guaranteed to get your foot in the door.

I was little hesitant at first to purchase the product. But I was desperate to try anything to land a job.

amazing resume creator reviews

Amazing Resume Creator – Inside Look

At first glance the resume creator doesn’t seem like much. But once you start up the program you’ll see how it uses the power of words to create a powerful resume.

The amazing resume creator was designed by a marketer, a business owner, and a smart copywriter. This winning combination is what makes the resume creator so effective. Jimmy Sweeney knows what works through years of experience in sales and marketing.

But here’s what you get when you purchase the program…

  • It’s a software program that works with Mac and Windows.
  • You’ll get to see through detailed diagrams and explanations on why certain resumes work and why others don’t.
  • You’ll get a cut and paste resume examples that have been proven to work in all fields. Including for sales managers, CEO’s, call center reps, and much more.
  • You’ll get a powerful resume builder that uses hot selling words to make your resume stand out.
  • And much much more.

The Amazing Resume Creator can certainly be all you need to get your foot in the door. But to further increase your chances of landing the career you want. I would recommend getting the cover letter creator which you can add to your purchase.

amazing resume creator

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