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10 Important rules from the foods that make you lose weight book

You might be frustrated and can’t seem to decide on foods to help you lose weight.  Is Metabolic Cooking and option?  Does it really work? You may be struggling with your current diet, and trying to figure out how to eat healthy and lose weight?  Perhaps you have tried several diet recipes, “lose weight fast” they promised, but again you ended up disappointed.

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If any of the above description describes you, then not to worry because we are here to help you get on track and achieve the success you desire for your metabolic diet meal plan.  Karine Losier and Dave Ruel’s Metabolic Cooking reveals 10 rules for metabolic Cooking – when these 10 rules are applied they will allow you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Rule 1. Eat every 2-3 hours

Learning how important a metabolic diet filled with healthy meals to lose weight recipes is a key to this first rule.  Since dieting accounts for 80% of our fat loss and not exercising, (this is why some people ask, “why can’t I lose weight even though I exercise?”) then it is not only important what we eat and how much we eat but also how often we eat.  Eating every 2-3 hours ensures that weight loss continues consistently throughout the day.

Rule 2. Eat a complete source of protein at every meal

Protein not only breaks down the calories in our bodies and helps to boost our metabolism but keep us from having muscle loss.  You see muscles stores protein within them so when our bodies cannot find protein within the foods that we eat, you guessed it, it begins to take protein from our muscles, and this causes decrease muscle mass.  This is one reason why metabolic cooking has the best foods for weight loss and muscle gain.

Rule 3. Eat a healthy fat source at every meal

This may sound confusing and illogical but this is the make up of our bodies, your metabolism burns the unhealthy fat much faster with the help of healthy fats, such as fish oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

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Rule 4. Use good sources of carbohydrates

The misconception is that carbs make you fat.  Some school of thought believe that even when the best diet plans for rapid weight loss are used , carbs still makes you fat.  However this is not true, the truth is you will not get fat if the right amount of carbohydrates are used in conjunction with a balanced healthy meals to lose weight recipes.  There is a time to eat carbohydrates and a time to avoid it, but don’t eliminate it completely from your diet.

Rule 5. Eat your veggies, lots of them and don’t count their calories

Vegetables in healthy meals to loose weight do more good than harm to your metabolic diet meal plan, so indulge.  Our bodies actually burns more calories trying to breakdown and digest veggies than it takes in.  They also have certain properties that stimulate your metabolism to burn more fat, additionally our bodies needs them just for normal organ functioning.

Rule 6. Eat whole foods as often as possible

Supplements should only be used to fill in the gaps of nutrients that are being missed in your regular diet; they should not be used as a substitute for whole foods.  Whole foods have the natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our body needs still in tact.  When we avoid whole foods we are missing out on the fiber that our digestive and elimination systems require to function optimally

Rule 7. Modify nutrient sources and ratios

I mentioned in another post how variety is the spice of life, and so it is for the food and meals that we include in our metabolic recipes diet plan.  A good way to become de-motivated and halt your weight loss progress is to eat the same things over and over again, BORING!  Using a variety of sources ensures that your diet is bursting with EXCITEMENT and you are more likely to stay motivated while learning how to eat healthy meals to loose weight.

Rule 8. (the J word is coming) Cut out the junk

Reality bites but the truth must be told, eating junk food is the most certain way to commit weight loss suicide.  They have no nutritional value; they sabotage your success even with the best diet plans for rapid weight loss.  There are more conducive ways to fight hunger cravings.

Rule 9. Always be prepared

I believe the boys scouts live by this motto.  Pre-planning your meals is a good way to ensure that you stick with your metabolic diet meal plan, and not veer off to the temptation of the junky stuff.  When ever possible, perhaps on your day off devote a few hours to cooking your lean meats or what ever weight loss meal interests you refrigerate in Tupperware containers or vacuum seal them for the  freezer.

Rule 10. Don’t make it complicated

Weighing your meals down to the mili-calorie is not recommended, this will only result to adding unnecessary stress to your life.  If you do your best to stick to your high metabolic recipes, you will achieve results.

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